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Body Not Dull.

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mytontolou.com - Almost 70 percent of Malaysian adults they are not health based upon five years ago. More troubling when 61 percent of adults under the age of 30 years agree with this sentiment even though they should be in a healthy age group.

For the first time, surveys done found obesity is a problem that is increasingly common among adults and children.

Malaysia can only recorded 63 points out of 100 for Healthy Life Index AIA 2016 (2016 AIA Healthy Living Index) findings the third involves health AIA 10,000 adults from 15 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Review of 2016 show 751 adults Malaysia who joined the survey recorded points lower (68) than regional average that is 73 points.

Those who participate in the survey are aware of healthy living practices involve a combination of physical elements such as getting enough sleep and healthy eating as well as the mental aspects such as maintaining positive mind and learn how to reduce stress.

Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Bhd, Thomas Wong said Malaysia's position in the index of living Healthy is not showing improvement where many among them are not satisfied with the health of yourself and it is a worrying situation.

"Understanding how adults think and act correlated their health be important first steps to identify a solution for this situation.

"Healthy Life Index AIA also help us assess the level of awareness among Malaysians. Despite high awareness exists about health and the desire to do more for healthy lifestyle, the question is whether consciousness can be translated into sustainable action.

"The result of the poll shows the situation is otherwise. The study found help motivation and guidance is needed so that the people of this country can adopt a healthy lifestyle, "he told media at the launch of the Healthy Life AIA Index 2016 in Petaling Jaya recently.

Unhealthy eating habits prevented efforts to lose weight and live a healthier life. About 86 percent of the survey results found that they are more likely to eat when the focus on the screen while 81 per cent in turn claimed to eat junk food unhealthy and 73 percent dinner late at night.

An attempt to eating healthy is still limited to drinking more water (73 per cent) and eat more fruits and vegetables (60 per cent).

Obesity emerged as a result of bad eating habits. Six out of 10 Malaysians surveyed want to get average 8.5 kilograms of their weight.

Thomas, noting that Malaysian health status shows many space improvement and it can be seen that there is a strong desire to improve their health.

"With the rising cost of medicine, members of the public are encouraged to make lifestyle choices that are healthier. We at AIA don't want to stop as far as pay claims only but wants to play an active role in empowering and encourage Malaysians to make lasting changes, "he said.

Meanwhile, Nutritional Consultant, Indra Balaratnam said, Malaysians are suggested diet healthy eating and packed in accordance with the rules of proper time.

"Breakfast is important diet intake for all. A busy lifestyle and less time between the cause of many who do not take breakfast as it was the beginning of a material.

"When in a State of hunger, we will tend to lunch in large quantities with reason do not take breakfast. In fact let us eat regularly but in moderate quantities and the right time, "he said.

In addition he also told many Malaysians want to exercise but not acting to do it in discipline and continuous and scheduled.

"Many people want to lose weight, but there are no strict discipline to do it. Most of them last only ' half road '. No matter under any circumstances, if we have the determination and discipline will definitely generate though slow. Not wrong to occasionally

' Reward ' yourself with food as long as moderate in quantity and not a good listener, "he said.

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