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Do You Know That 7 Tricks The Mind Play You?

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Do you want to change your life and be happier? May happiness means unlock your potential better, improve the quality of life, or realize the dream - your dreams.

At this point you may have to absorb a variety of private construction books, videos,or blog. Sometimes you find something that resonate but passion always fade. Too often, you will feel you are back where you started in.


Have you ever felt that your own mind sabotaging influences your path to happiness? Your mind may not be the main offenders, but your mind is clever. Your brain can be confusing and make you miserable.... you will not notice it at all.

But not all is lost. You can learn how to recognize fraud your mind and build proper thought. Let us watch list of thoughts-thoughts that seem harmless to see if your mind fool you of your happiness.

1. From now on. I will make the best.

How many times have you been giving stress to yourself to think positive after the sad event or after seeing something that gives you inspiration? Pressure sometimes can provide encouragement, direct yourself to make ' the best ' does not give you a lot of flexibility.

We have instilled to believe that when we want to do significant changes, we should take one big jump. But what if you have a bad day? Power to change is suddenly lost, everything looks bleak, and you cannot say it out. You feel like a failure.

It is important to bear in mind the changes that you want takes time, perseverance,and patience. So, take one small step at a time and leave go somewhere appropriate to reflect and learn from mistakes.

2. I just need to be more like ...

It is normal to think that you should strive to be like those you admire. The problem rises when you wish you can so they.

If you are too obsessed to be ' other ', you will never forget your own personality - the need, value, features and the journey of your life.

For sure, learn what you can from role models and adjust or modify their ideas to suit you. But don't forget to get your ideas of your own. Acquire self knowledge and honor is priceless in the construction of a permanent happiness.

3. I am just going by what says.

Love to think that experts can help you find a way of happiness. When you fall, their words like traffic lights of hope. But hope it can go with a glimpse if you don't apply their teachings in real life.

Experts share ideas depend their experience. While the help advice, their words only as audio instead of answers to your life. It should be based on your own experiences where you will join himself, aware of your ability, and find what's important to you. Learn to trust yourself.

4. I'm too busy. I'll find more time to focus on myself ... more later.

At present, too busy with work to be something worthwhile to something that you cannot run away. However, continue to live this way and find time for yourself becomes increasingly impossible. Are likely to be blame commitment-your commitment as it steals time.

But is it possible for you to get the correct time for yourself? Are you busy or it is just the trick you? There is not a job that you can leave?

Take a look at your schedule, prefer, and some time to ' yourself '. They will benefit more if you take the time to take care of the welfare of yourself.

5. I'm too tired. I need to rest.

You might take some time but you don't want to think about anything in earnest. Rest will help to lip pen-your mind. However, there is one thing which relax too much.In this case, ' take a break ' became an excuse to escape.

Think about your life shouldn't be like homework. Take advantage when your brain doesn't think too many things. To start with, take 10 minutes and ask yourself what you have made, why should you make, and what would make you happier? It is well worth the time you.

6. Others just more fortunate than I am.

The fate of the poor - is a popular self confidence when we are not able to understand why we don't get what we want. It is a temporary relief to reduce the ' pain ' but can create a feeling of himself against other things.

Why put your life on luck? I'd believe ' you made your own fortune '. Do the job you need to because the fate may not be for you happiness in the future - you for.

Make more belief in yourself because your goals need you - energy, passion, and your determination.

7. I can't wait until the day...

When I'm happy with my life. When I managed to... When I'm healthy,... What when I find purpose in life.

Nice in certain limit imagines. It makes your creative and visualize where you want to be. It only becomes dangerous when you are not doing anything to access it. Do not live happily just in your head. Good things come to those who want find it.

Of course it won't be overnight. You may experience initial wrong and face it alone, there is a time you will fail. But go ahead, try again or continue on the next thing. After all, isn't life is experiencing and learning from good and bad? Meet new friends,explore ideas, and discover new places?

Your life will not change if you release time only in your imagination. Time is invaluable, so go ahead and keep going.

Want happiness? Know and believe with yourself.
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