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Surgery Is No Longer Painful.

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mytontolou.com - Conventionally, surgery is always associated with the opening of a long leather (extensile exposure) and pain that is more due to the retraction structure of the muscles and body structures during surgery. It raises a lot of impressions as well as complications in terms of pain and recovery after surgery.

Through the development of the current medical science and technology, the concept of minimum invasive surgery was introduced so that the surgery can be done open method same with opening of skin and body structure.

Minimum invasive surgery is a modern surgical method that changes the perception of the patient and his doctor against surgery.

It can be done with a small scar, minimum bleeding, less pain, shorter hospital in addition to the restoration of a more deserving. Doctor can examine the structures of the Agency with more precise with the help of the latest medical technology.

Orthopaedics minimum invasive surgery using the latest innovations with the help of the method are:

1. Arthroscopy (key hole surgery)

Arthroscopy surgery between the ultimate achievement of the 20th century in modern Orthopaedics surgery. In 1918, Dr. Takagi (1888-1963) from the University of Tokyo for the first time using the prisipendoscopy to examine the knee joint.

Since then the concept of developing advanced Arthroscopy Surgery than only to diagnostic treatments (therapeutic). Arthroscopy is surgery orthopaedics surgery most commonly performed today.

With only a camera tube medium four-millimetre (4 mm) into the joints, the inner structure of the doctor can examine the joints and than perform the proper surgical treatments at the same time.

From a technical standpoint, surgery Arthroscopy performed at each appropriate body joints like knee, shoulder and then book. Examples of operations are always done including Arthroscopy Surgery ACL ligament replacement, meniscus, full shoulder labral and frozen shoulder surgery.

Surgical Arthroscopy is very important especially for sports experts. For example, athletes who experienced the damaging cruciate ligaments anterior ' (ACL) '.

ACL replacement through Arthroscopy can make sure the replacement ligament in the right location (in terms of Anatomy) and cannot destroy the structure of the contents of the excessive body (wound surgery only 10 millimeters). Then the recovery can be done immediately and generate maximum impression.

2. Radiography Imaging.

Surgery orthopaedics MIS can also be done with the help of radiography imaging (image intensifier) that can produce images of bone such as the X rays and mentioned above on the screen immediately.

This technology is very helpful in a broken bone surgery and surgery of the spine (spine surgery). For example, the femur broken bone with surgery ' interlocking nail '. Diminution of the target position of the bones and ILN fixation can be done without the need to open a place of broken bone, instead of just opening the small wound at the base of the femur bone.

The use of the observation image is also important in the MIS spine surgery. For example in the fractured vertebrae bone treatments, surgery ' vertebroplasty ' can be performed on layers of skin with the help of the image, only a minimum surgical wound.

The introduction of modern equipment and implant helps in the development of Orthopaedics surgery eg.

Knee joint replacement surgery and hip takes part can be done by opening the smaller wounds using the special wrench.

Surgery orthopaedics MIS is a increasing important role in the development of surgery orthopaedics today. The patient is now no longer need to suffer cuts or major scarring, pain and any complications in a situation which is obviously better.
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