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Exercise, Food Should Be Balanced.

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Exercise is an important way to take care of health very well. Study science proving exercise can bring down the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.

Studies reported by the UK Academy of Medical Royal Colleges showed a 30-minute workout, simply a total of five times a week can reduce the risk of chronic diseases by 30 per cent.

However, according to the report, exercise 30 minutes simply not helpful in lose weight. Some people thought when adequate exercise, he can eat any way and as much as desired.

The fact is, Science study shows, exercise alone is not sufficient to obtain good health. Over the past 30 years, obesity or obesity is increasing and plaguing our society.

Studies show physical activity of our society now is not too much changed as compared to the community used to be, but high-calorie food factors and food process were the main contributors to the problem of overweight.

According to a report issued by the International Journal of Epidemiology in 2013, physical activity does not influence the risk of obesity compared to unhealthy eating.

Epidemic obesity is actually a small markup to greater health problems in modern society today due to excessive nutrition and misunderstanding of the concept of healthy eating.

This is based on a study reported in the medical journal The Lancet suggests that indicates health problems plaguing our society today stem from eating wrong and unhealthy that cause chronic diseases more than factors of less physical activity, smoking and drinking alcohol.

The study made by the University of California report, 40 per cent of her normal weight people suffer from metabolic syndrome who have problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatty liver disease (non alcoholic fatty liver disease) and cardiovascular disease.

Unfortunately, this fact less attention of scientists, members of health and policy makers although many studies that prove it.

This causes us only always hear or see a health promotion only to take care of 'weight' through count calories and many blame obesity problems to less exercise alone.

On the other hand workout overemphasizing method 'burn calories'. Food is only seen in terms of calories alone without considering-glycemic index, trans fats, vitamins, minerals and anti oksidan.

According to Dr Malhotra from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, United Kingdom, the food industry processes many give perception wrong with stating the cause of the problem of obesity is simply due to lack of physical activity and if someone packed calories, it can be ' burned ' with a work only.

Carbonated beverage industry company brand Giants spend up to us $ 3 billion (RM 10.6 billion) a year for advertising associate their drink with sports and they provide high-calorie message though, it will be ' burned ' with exercise.

The fact is, drinks their products very high with sugar and give adverse effects on the health of the user. Studies carried out scientists showed her excessively will cause fat stored by more and boost the appetite that causes users tend to eat excessively.

Studies show, each 150 calories of sugar surplus taken which is equivalent to a carbonated drink cans will result in an increase of up to eleven times the occurred diseases diabetes to its users.

It is compared with the amount of calories the same source taken from FAT or protein. Hence specify all calories are equal real wrong based on this study. This study also show edit not influenced weight and physical activity a person.

Recently, the study in the journal of Nutrition by 2014 sums up, food carbohydrates should be limited as the best measure to prevent metabolic syndrome, obesity and diabetes.

The study also suggested that control the intake of carbohydrates is the best start for people with diabetes control the level of glucose and it provides great health benefits even without weight loss.

The opinion sets out a person exercising can eat carbs in quantities many also are found to be true.

This is based on a study reported in the British Journal of Sports Medicine by 2014 that sums up, food athletes low carbohydrate and high fat able to supply sufficient energy during heavy exercise.

If seen from this aspect, it is clear that ordinary people who lack of exercise more need to control excessive intake of carbohydrates, especially sugar and high index carbohydrate, in their daily nutrition.

The community should be given the correct concept of awareness on nutrition and exercise so as not to be fooled by the wrong concept that will cause a person to suffer from chronic illnesses even when they work out consistently but not eating isn't healthy.

Nutrition healthy and correct is very important to control the rate of diabetes and obesity problems plaguing society today.
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