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8 Kinds Of Food To Ageless And Stay Healthy.

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mytontolou.com - Every human being looking for lasting health. Want to remain youthful even old. Quite impossible to live their daily lives without any problems.

Sometimes, health problems that has arisen since we are born again. However, not everyone has perfection and perfection would not be complete without a healthier life.

Below, there are 8 food secrets to stay healthy and ageless:

1. Eat foods that are baked/boiled.

Necessarily, the food at the roast or boiled is the best cooking methods for healthy body, especially fish. Intake of fish types of mackerel, sardines, salmon and a grilledor stewed dori can make the heartbeat better.

2. Drinking coffee.

According to a study from California nutritionist, find caffeine protects brain function. While the expert from France did say women who drank coffee 3 times a day can prevent cognitive decline by 30 per cent. In fact, they do not suffer from memory in old age than non-coffee lovers.

3. Take vitamin D.

Vitamin D helps decrease blood pressure, improve ' antibody ' body and protect against any cancer as well as heart. Among the sources of vitamin D as the Sun in the morning, fish oil, salmon, tuna and shrimp.

4. Olive combination the best food.

Enter legumes, fish, vegetables and fruits in their daily meals with olive oil. Fresh food intake plus the olive oil will make you look younger two years of actual age. So, change the oil and butter bread into olive oil.

5. Eat more vegetables.

Replace a snack during their free time to a fresh salad or fruit. Buy the vegetables and fruits that are still fresh. Clean first before stored in refrigerator. It aims to avoid damage of vitamin in the food materials.

6. Enjoy green tea.

Chinese nutritionists say, someone who drank green tea will look younger 5 years of age actual compared to those who drank common tea. Add lemon slice with tea to give strength in fighting disease.

7. Control the intake of sugar and salt.

Without us knowing it, sugar and salt is nasty fat which can clog arteries up to increase blood pressure. So you have to control the intake of sugar and salt per day.

8. Avoid canned food.

Canned processed foods have a lot of chemicals in order to avoid the perishable food. Indeed it's nice your work, but it's harmful to your health as well.
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