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Fallacy Against Chemotherapy.

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mytontolou.com - Since half a century ago, chemotherapy plays an important role in the treatment of cancer. However in the interest of the most important medical advances as chemotherapy to treat cancer, myth and misunderstanding a lot going on in our community. Cancer cells grow uncontrolled way.

In General, chemotherapy is designed to kill cells that have rapid growth with attacking DNA or enzyme that promotes their growth. It should be noted chemotherapy is not a uniform treatment.

There are various types of chemotherapy and used for different indications. Chemotherapy is often used prior to surgery (neo-adjuvan) to reduce the size and spread of the tumor, after surgery (adjuvan), to curb the spread of cancer cells that may have been missed, or palliatif for end stage cancer to control cancer cells.

The treatment has become more specific, it is the process different for different individuals. Two women with breast cancer sometimes does not accept type or the same chemotherapy cycle.

Each patient is treated as an individual case and treated according to the treatment options best suited to them. Chemotherapy treatment may be challenging, but the myth about this treatment produced concerns unfounded.

Most people think of chemotherapy as in the era of the 50′s or 60′s, and was unaware of major changes has traveled that makes chemotherapy side effects can be addressed very well.

Chemotherapy hurts?

Many patients think of painful chemotherapy. The fact is that chemotherapy is almost never painful. However, as stated, there are some side effects, but the pain is not one of them. Most patients are treated as outpatients, and rarely was hospitalized.

Pain and nausea for a long time

Although nausea and vomiting are common side effects, not all people experience it. But intensity nausea and vomiting also vary among patients. Engage with your doctor if you experience it because they can change your regimen. Treatment for the prevention of nausea and vomiting that is now a very effective.

Immunisation affected during chemotherapy

Indeed there is a decline in the number of white blood cells (during treatment). However, the reduction does not happen for long periods and do not put patients at risk for infection by germs.

Patients may feel more tired or lethargic than normal, but there is no evidence that the chemotherapy weakens the immune system significantly, which may lead to more infections than patients with the general population.

Chemotherapy make me toxic

Chemotherapy is a treatment that too strong and harmful if not taken with caution or not monitored by experts. Chemotherapy does not make patients cannot be touched.Many patients think they should sleep in a different bed from family members or use different toilet. A patient chemotherapy are not harmful to your family or friend them then there is no issue to maintain a normal lifestyle.

In most of the studies in which chemotherapy is used, usually can be a panacea, prolonging the shelf life or reduce symptoms of the disease. Doctors have not given chemotherapy to make living patients worse. The pros and cons of a treatment that can usually be seen carefully before decisions are made.

Many spend time in the hospital and strain

Chemotherapy treatment are given in various ways, depending on the situation and needs of the patient. Most of the chemotherapy given in intravena through the needleor catheter, but sometimes medication can be given in the form of a pill that can be taken at home.

Discussions with expert cancer it is necessary to see the appropriateness medicine that you have selected. Most patients are treated as outpatients. Only a few cancer types and treatment requiring treatment in hospital. Many patients can still work it lightly and do exercise outdoors. In fact, exercise is a good way to feel less tired.

Lost hair

Not all chemotherapy treatment cause hair loss. But for patients who are suffering from hair loss, it will grow back (about 1/4 to 1/2 inch per month is typical) after treatment is completed. In some cases, regeneration occurred before treatment is complete.

Chemotherapy will only make me more suffering

In most cases, usually chemotherapy is the best treatment against cancer. Now, the side effects of chemotherapy can be dealt with better.

There are tests that can be made to determine the best chemotherapy regimen for a patient where the frequency and intensity of side effects can be reduced.

Side effects also depends on several factors, including the condition of the patient self, regimen chemotherapy and cancer itself.

It should be noted also, response to chemotherapy varies from one patient to other patients. Patients can get a better perspective after discuss with expert cancer and following the support group.

If not continue chemotherapy will disappoint yourself and family.

Some patients have to deal with the difficult choice of whether to continue chemotherapy. The reality is when you're in third or fourth chemotherapy regimen, the prospects for most cancer is not so good. It is a difficult topic for discussion because we will do everything that can afford to save lives.

The doctor will present all the facts the pros and cons of chemotherapy and cancer prognosis also before consensus sought for road travelers.

Supplements and herbs cannot be retrieved

If you choose alternative therapies in the treatment plan, please tell your doctor because you can check the prescription to ensure there are no conflicts.

Some herbs and supplements can make a standard cancer treatment less effective or increase side effects. Then the decision to take alternative medicines should be discussed and considered accordingly.

Undoubtedly, chemotherapy is a treatment challenge. Intensive preparations should be carried out not only in the form of physical, mental and even emotional.

But it's not as bad as perceived. Treatment support for prevention of side effects was very effective in this era. Many patients can undergo lifestyle normalcy after chemotherapy. Discuss with your cancer specialist before making a decision.
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