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Creative Ways To Develop The Right Brain Function.

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mytontolou.com - Humans are the only creatures on earth that confers the ability to think through the brain function that we have. This is what makes every human being must be grateful and take advantage of God's gift in the form of the brain as well as possible.

Reviewing more about brain function, as we all know that the brain has two essential parts that run the central role of each. Two sections are right brain and left brain. The left brain controls many things pertaining to the mindset of logic, and the symbolic language that eventually form linear thinking based on facts and logical conclusions.

Inversely proportional to the function of the left brain, right brain will run everything related to emotion, intuition, and no less important is creativity. Specifically discusses the function of the right brain, many people who think that he lacked the creativity. Yet the fact is, they just can not or are reluctant to develop the right brain functions.

The right brain is the duty to think things out standard rules and systematic, sometimes able to bring the power of human creativity, it could even be a remarkable innovation. And for those of you who want to learn how to develop the right brain function, following a few simple tips that you can apply.

1. Familiarize Finding Alternatives

For people who rely too much on the performance of the left hemisphere, will very rarely asked in his mind there any other way to solve a problem. They tend to focus on things that already exist and will stop if it does not exist.

This is where we can begin to develop the right brain in a way of thinking, is there any other way to resolve a problem. The habit of asking these kind of questions will stimulate our brain to look for alternatives that often better than a better solution than what was there before. Slowly creativity will emerge, and the right brain will function more optimally.

2. Against Habits

Opposing habits can not be interpreted as a frontal ie change what's already there, according to our wishes. Meaning of changing habits is trying to get out of the pattern that has been formed by those who passed on the way that feels better to take advantage of developments around us.

Of course not easy to get out of the path of routine or tradition, but we have to emphasize the idea that the times always bring the option to change for the better. From there the right brain will be more motivated, in line with developments.

3. Playing Brain

There are some brain teasers that can help develop the right brain functions. The simplest example is the game of Rubik. I personally never thought that Rubik's a game that could not be broken. But after trying the strategy through their possible alternative solutions, proven I could finish the game.

Again the emphasis in this regard is how we find other alternatives when a problem comes. In the game rubik there are various ways to settle and form all the colors perfectly. But not only rubik, there are still some other games such as Tetris or a game of scrabble that we can try.

4. Always Connect Any Idea

Not infrequently, the idea will come when we are able to use our right brain. From the first idea that pops up, make it a habit to keep looking for another idea that is still associated with the idea first. The idea came up continuously, it will "force" the right brain to work harder. But the result, as we have become accustomed then we will be more astute to seek alternative solutions from a single idea.

5. Thinking existence of Multiple Choice

We're not talking about a test or the National Exam multiple-choice, but in a broader scope, life always offers more than one answer. It is that we must understand and we put in our brain.

Many things in this world that have more than one correct answer. These things can we find on the various aspects of life, ranging from daily activities, natural phenomena to various issues related to social relationships. By believing that there is always more than one right answer, then we can also accustom the brain to think more creatively.
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