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Complications Of Measles.

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mytontolou.com - Typically people with measles or 'chicken pox' takes one to two weeks to recover. It involves the manifestation of a rash on the skin without other complications. Most patients are cured after the period in question. 

Measles is a viral infection Varicella Zooster. The virus is spread through air drops and easy to infect other individuals, especially if they are too close to the patient. 

Talking, coughing and terbersin can cause the virus spread. After the rash dry and removeable, it no longer infect other individuals. 

Some complications can occur if someone is infected with measles. It not only involves menifestasi the skin, the virus can also spread to other organs such as the lungs, brain, together with the selaputnya, nerves and skin infections. 

The virus can be transferred from the mother to the content and result in complications in fetus especially if pregnant mothers infected during the first six months of pregnancy. 

The complication is very rare but easy to happen to those who have low immune. The infection to the lungs caused by germs spread to the organ in question. The patient will experience symptoms of coughing with phlegm, continuous fever, shortness of breath and coughing up blood at times. 

The virus can also spread and cause problems in the brain also unhealed brain patients. Symptoms such as headaches, vomiting, continuous fever, seizures, changes in the nature and also emotional and bodily control disorders and seizures. 

The symptoms of viral infections reflect spread to organs involved. Upon completion of the infection of the chicken pox virus is sometimes hiding in layers or salut nervous patients. 

A few years later activated cause rash on certain pathways. This condition is called shingles. Shingles causes pain and painful rash at areas involving certain nerves. 

Usually, the infection germs on skin rash occurs in a burst. This rash is infected by other bacteria happy on the surface of the skin. This happens especially at those who do not take care of the skin very well. 

For example do not regularly clean or wash the skin part. Patients are encouraged to take a shower as usual to prevent these infections. It is important to identify the symptoms in order to avoid unwanted things. 

For those who are infected with measles, there is treatment using antivirus to fight virus Varicella Zooste. The use of antivirus at the early stages of infection can reduce the risk of complications as a result of measles.
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