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Shingles Virus Can Be Active Again.

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mytontolou.com - Shingles is a skin problem caused by the same virus occurrence of measles or chicken pox Varicella Zooster by germs.

Individuals who get shingles is not due to infection of other individuals, otherwise the virus is activated again after a long time ' hid ' the nerve layer of patients. It happens only to patients ever get measles.

After contracting measles, Varicella virus have exhibited ' hide ' and cannot be detected by the immune system of the patient.

This virus hides out in layers of nervous patients. When it's time, activated and symptoms of shingles starts. There are no specific time frame in which the virus is activated again.

At first the patient will experience symptoms such as fever. Body feel hot and lethargic. A sore body and also numbness in certain parts of the body.

But in the early stages, no rash appears. In addition to numbness, patients also experienced a feeling of painful, pain like a needle hit and hot.

Feeling that occurs in certain parts of the body only. Usually on the face, the front or back of the chest of the patient. This is a nerve network that normally hides from Varicella virus.

Lapse of a few days, the rash starts to appear. This same rash measles rash, that seem to bubble the water but very painful. The rash occurs in one part formed the body only, either the left or right.

It will not surround the body of the patient. This distinguishes shingles with other skin infections. Early treatment should within 72 hours after the rash has arisen is very important. This is especially for the rash that formed on the face.

Early treatment with antiviral medication can reduce the risk of complications. If nerves in the face, it can involve a network of nervous eyes and unhealed points. It is at risk of causing blindness.

For virus that causes nerves in the ear on the other hand, the risk of developing hearing disorders should be understood. To confirm someone has shingles, clinical examination by a doctor at the clinic is sufficient.

Types of rashes and position the rash and drawings by local network specific nerve can be identified. Blood tests can also be performed for authentication. No tests such as x-rays or radiation scan is required.

This rash usually appears from the seventh day to 10 days. After the rash will shrink and formed scab. The scab are removeable and leave scars. However, the pain in the area may remain for a few weeks.
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