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Sleep Disturbed And Neglected Work.

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mytontolou.com - Snoring is a kind of sleep as a result of restrictions on air flow through a channel at the back of the mouth and nose. The restrictions cause someone produce loud and rough.

For people who snore when sleeping the muscles of the throat they will loosens and fall into the throat. This does not only create restrictions in respiratory tract, even air flow become narrow.

Snoring occurs when the throat muscles sagging, namely tongue and upper throat scourging with soft palate and uvula (the son of the throat). This resulted in scourge with a strong vibration sound when breathing process especially when sleep recumbent.

Anatomical variation of the identified factors contributing to the transplant was due to have a few people suffer from defects in nose and throat like polyps nose, nose at an angle (nasal septal deviation), soft palate and uvula long, large tonsils and adenoid enlargement.

Unhealthy lifestyle such as drinking alcohol and smoking also induces muscle throateventually become slack. Excess fat around the neck as a result of obesity also menghimpit the soft tissue at the back of the throat into and increasing pressure on the muscles of the throat.

In addition to the specific treatment for relax the muscle, aging also causes the muscles of the throat tissue elasticity decreases as a result of scourging due to the increase in age.

Snoring can be a social problem, especially when involving couples who are affected because of the noise of snoring that causes their sleep interrupted up to not enough sleep and slumber while working.

From convalescence, disturbed sleep snoring disorders also cause someone is not enough rest, but is part of a spectrum of diseases stopped breath during sleep due to respiratory ducts blocked (OSA) that cause health problems worse in the long run.

Bad health effects commonly associated with snoring problems and respiratory disturbances during sleep is affected in the routine day and cardiovascular disease. As a result of lack of sleep, a person so sleepy during the day and fell asleep without accidentally while doing routine activities such as driving, watching television or working.

Other problems such as lack of sleep does not refresh upon waking, memory decline and lack of concentration, headache in the morning, the mood changed, the immune system is affected, fever and halusinasi.

Lecturer, Oral Surgeons and Maksilofasial, the Faculty of dentistry, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Dr Mohd Shawal Firdaus Mohamad said, most people who sleep snoring is not aware of their problems and expecting someone else to monitor sleepdisorders suffered.

If you're told always snoring with very strong when sleeping to bother others, hasten consult a doctor or expert for examination.

The test run will identify the actual problems facing either the snoring symptoms the disease is halted breathing during sleep (apnea) moderate or serious. This is because not all people who snore have problems apnea, instead all people who suffer from apnea will snore.

Epworth Sleep Scale Test "is also possible own for identifying the level of drowsiness during the day as a result of not enough sleep. In this scale, a score of zero to three is given for every opportunity for you to fall asleep while doing routine activities such as sitting and reading, watching television, meets, drive a car and when stopped at traffic lights.

"If the cumulative scores less than 10, meaning you get enough sleep and in the event your scores more than 10, should consult a doctor or expert to carry out a diagnosis next such as sleep (polysomnography), ' he said.

Dr Mohd Shawal Firdaus said, the relevant test results determining the degree of sleep and the cause and appropriate treatment to remedy the problems involved.

"The surgery is usually done for sleep disorders arising from variation of anatomy by removing restrictions that exist in the Airways or improve structures in the throator nasal cavity resulting in blockage.

"Non-surgical treatments For those who suffer from sleep disorders can use Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) that sets a fixed high pressure and can open airways to facilitate air out.

"But not all people with sleep disorders can be tolerant with the use of CPAP mask tool consists of the mouth and nose, hose and air pressure machine that operates with the help of electricity during sleep," he said.

He said, the use of oral aid in the form of plastic braces can also help solve the problem of snoring and OSA of mild and medium level by avoiding soft tissues or muscles of the throat falls into the throat and interfere with normal breathing patterns.

"This help fix orthodontic Retainer position under jaw, tongue, soft palate andbone-shaped U in the neck that supports the tongue at the appropriate place.

"The goal of oral aid this is to push the bottom jaw forward when the braces on the bottom is designed has a hanger and disangkut on its upper teeth.

"With this, oral aid that will hold the muscles of the throat falls backward next to maintain open airway stability with tongue and jaw," he said.

Oral aid such as SomnoDent namely technology developed producer tools help sleep related breathing, SomnoMed, is an alternative for people with sleep disordersat risk to do the surgery, in addition to those who refuse to use CPAP.

Application of block not SomnoDent chat sufferers but also can open or close the mouth as usual and technology particularly make oral aid this is not easy and can be washed itself stinks.

"Braces to overcome snoring and OSA should be made according to the size of the teeth and mouth sufferers. How to produce oral aid is also equal to make braces to correct defects of teeth or maloklusi.

"Sleep disorder Sufferers are advised to also change their lifestyle practices healthier as lose weight, stop smoking and take alcoholic drinks as well as change the position of sleep respiratory factors contribute interrupted, "he said.
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