Tuesday, July 19, 2016

4 Effective Ways To Overcome A Leg Muscle Cramps Suddenly.

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While the sport less heating or when dehydration, the body muscles especially of the feet will be very easy to cramp. When the body is dehydrated, so lack of electrolytes so that the muscle is less elastic and less than optimal during contraction. Similarly, lack of exercise, when muscles need to adjust first before you can perform a more heavy and unusual.

Sometimes muscle cramps may last a minute, but often also last long or occur many times. Well, to solve it, you can do 4 things.

1. A warm bath

Of course this cannot be so quick solutions and carried out suddenly. Imagine when you were running around the city, and on the way the cramps, you will not have to wait long until a home and a warm bath right? This way you can do while you are at home. The warm water on the body will make the muscles relax, calm and slack.

2. Drinking salt water

You may find it odd to drink salt before sports or while the occurrence of cramps. But drinking salt water does help prevent and cope with cramps because the content of the electrolyte in salts. As you know, electrolytes function keep optimal performance muscle.

3. Eat bananas

The way this is the most simple and easy to do. You just need to afford bananas and drinking water to taste as you exercise. Bananas have potassium content(potassium) which can also maintain normal muscle function.

4. Drinking enough white water

When dehydrated, the body is less fluid and electrolytes so that muscles can easily experience the cramps. Always make sure you drink enough water before, during and after exercise to prevent cramping.

Cramps are indeed painful, but more painful again when you do not know how to handle it because you have to wait for the cramps disappear by itself. Cramps can be eased by itself if you are not a lot of moving and sit quietly. But if you want to avoid cramps, then way above can be attempted.
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