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Bacteria Capable Of Various Contaminants In Food.

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Listeriosis bacteria pollution at apples types of Granny Smith and Gala recently groundbreaking country when bacteria that cause sudden death in foreign countries. Thus, the Ministry of Health ordered the importer concerned Apple fruit concerned immediately to withdraw from the market, while supply in the importing premises seized.

Listeriosis food poisoning is caused by listeria monocytogenes bacteria after eating food contaminated with microorganisms that.

These bacteria usually exists in soil and water and can be harmful to a wide variety of different foods, starting from the stage of crop or livestock up to food processing for sale to users in the market.

Global research report, food poisoning cases caused by bacteria carrying these foods was 28 per cent after salmonella bacteria that accounted for 31 percent.

Among the foods that are often contaminated with bacteria is cheese, raw milk, ice cream, raw vegetables, poultry and meat. Like other food carrying bacteria, listeriosis is a disease which is fatal, but if detected in the early stages it can be treated and cured.

These bacteria can exist in contaminated raw food such as meat that isn't cooked or malfunctioning due to stored too long because it can live long at low temperatures.Among the symptoms of listeria infection was strong fever, headaches, joint pain, neck cramps and nausea.

Pregnant women, the elderly, children and those with weak immune systems belong to the at-risk group afflicted with this disease.

However, symptoms of listeria infections can be seen clearly only after eating food contaminated with the bacteria in long period because the attack does not happen overnight.

The condition causes the disease is difficult to be detected at an early stage when the bacteria multiply slowly and more in the body resulting in death. | myTontolou℠
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