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Dog Bites Bring Death.

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mytontolou.com - It's been a long time mad dog disease not reported in Malaysia due to the quality control carried out by the Ministry of Health addressing this epidemic.

It's now back caused by dogs from the neighboring country to Malaysia and spreading this epidemic. Mad dog disease control is important because the high mortality rate due to infection it virus.

Mad dog or rabies is an infection caused by a virus called the Lyssavirus. When infecting a person, the virus attacked the nerves and brain, causing drastic changes happen to the patient.

After entering the body of the patient, the virus will multiply and move from infected tissue, entering the spinal nerve channels and move along to the brain of the patient.

This virus infect humans from dog saliva that contain viruses. When the victim mad dog bitten, virus concerned began to multiply on the patients wound.

Once breeding with many, it moves to the brain through nerves. In addition, the virus leading to the saliva glands and multiply there. Infection of humans to other humans is not available. In most cases, dogs become carriers.

After bitten by crazy dog that has rabies disease virus, it takes one to three months prior to initial symptoms appear. However, it can also occur as early as four days and there are cases simply identified six years after bitten. It depends on the amount of virus that has been transferred to the wound and the wound area.

Initial symptoms similar to the common flu fever. Patients experience fever in addition to numbness in the area of the bite wound.

Then when the germs reach the human nervous, patients suffering from bodily movement out of control, restless, phobia at water, weakness or paralysis, confusion, fidget and eventually unconsciousness. Production of saliva is also a lot of difficult patients and cause of swallowing saliva menitisnitis out of the mouth.

The first thing to do when someone is bitten by a dog most likely carriers of this virus is washing the wound with water and soap.

The wound should be washed at least five minutes. The use of an antiseptic can also help reduce the amount of virus from entering the body of the patient.

Injection of vaccines or immunition should be given immediately or at the latest within six days after bitten. To reduce the risk of death caused by the virus in question.

The effectiveness of this treatment only occur if patients don't have symptoms of rabies. If symptoms arise, the rate of healing is very thin and the mortality rate increased.
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