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ED Marks The Beginning Of A Serious Illness.

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mytontolou.com - The problem of impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) is the norm and it becomes a difficult secret discussed in men.

They relate to one's health and one signal to more serious health problems such as coronary heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Typically, patients will keep this problem and try a variety of herbal or traditional medicine due to embarrassment or ego.

The problem of ED may also stem from a variety of causes such as the side effects of certain medications, diabetes, alcohol consumption, smoking, stress, physical inactivity or lack of exercise, injury, hormonal imbalance, heart disease, hypertension, nerve damage and fatigue too.

There are also psychological factors such as a sense of low self-esteem ' can't afford', depression, guilt, relationship problems with couples and extreme pressure.

If the problem is other than the problem of blood vessels may narrow artery, then medications such as sildenafil, taladafil and verdanafil will not take effect. Psychological factors cause needs to be treated from the aspect of psychology.

In Physiology, the function of an erection of the penis is a complex interaction between the nerves, muscles, emotions, hormones, brain and blood flow to the penis. When blood vessels arteries deliver blood to the penis become narrow due to hardening of the blood vessels or problem 'atherosklerosis  then blood flow to the penis will be disturbed causing problems impotence penis or not achieve sufficient tension.

Blood vessels arteries to the penis is smaller compared to the blood vessels to the heart, kidneys and brain. Therefore if someone suffer from impotence it augurs the beginning of problems heart attack, stroke and kidney in the future. For diabetics on the other hand, in addition to the problem of damage blood vessels, low testosterone hormone factors also cause problems with erectile dysfunction. The food we can take also affect long term effects to the problem of erectile dysfunction.

In a study by Harvard University published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2016 will involve study for 20 years shows, men who eat higher food containing flavonoids three times a week have a lower risk of getting the problem of impotence when they're old.

Researchers in this study control samples involving 25,000 participants based on factors such as physical activity, consumption of alcohol, diabetes and other physical factors such as obesity can also cause problems with erectile dysfunction.

Conclusions from this study shows men aged 70 years of age are at risk 11 to 16 per cent lower get problems impotence when they practice high flavonoids foods.

Foods containing flavonoids is food that comes from plants that have antioxidant properties, therefore it helps fight the effects of free radicals that can damage blood vessels and nerves.

This flavonoid material help impotence problem with modulate cell signals pass which is selectively prevented enzymes kinases, regulators of the cell cycle and cell function and reduce inflammation as well as the response of the cell's coherency that caused the problem atherosklerosis on the wall of the artery blood funnel into a tailings channel blood to phallus became narrow.

Strong evidence exists through scientific studies indicate flavonoids ingredient also helps reduce the risk of heart coronary, stroke, cancer, diseases of the blood, high blood channels and neurological diseases where early sign of neurodegenerative diseases that are chronic problems of impotence.

Whether the food is rich in flavonoids. Generally all of these fruits contain flavonoids ingredient but there are some fruits that have a higher content of flavonoids than other fruit such as berri (cranberry, blueberrie, blackberrie, strawberries, raspberries, cherries), olive, pomegranate, plum, banana, pic, limes and tea leaves.

Between the original material so can be taken as a supplement to help the problem of impotence in the category of lightweight and simple is like extract of tongkat ali, ginseng fruit tin, starch, olive oil, fish oil, piknogenol, L-arginine and yohimbine tea because the study showed material concerning help increase paras nitrikoxide (NO) in the soft muscle blood channels on phallus which causes an increase in blood flow to the phallus.

Lifestyle and healthy eating we need to practice to maintain a masculine person by practicing a few tips such as direct reduction or not taking sugar in our daily nutrition as the use of sugar high will interfere with the hormone testosterone and lose whims.

Control your blood glucose level and the level of insulin in a person's body is also important to avoid early impotence problems.

Limit vitamin D in the body is also important to balance the hormones also prevent narrowing blood vessels to the penis.

Exercise daily and stay active physically is also important to maintain hormone levels and improve blood flow.

Quit smoking and avoid alcohol intake is also important to maintain sexual health.We also need to ensure rest and enough sleep every day that can help maintain the masculine energy till the age of gold.
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