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Tips To Reduce Coughing Babies ~ Clean The House And Clothes.

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Give the child adequate rest at home

Dont brings the child out of the house to the public if no requirement. This can prevent infectious virus with other children. In addition, the child will feel tired and the healing process may take a long time.

Always with the child

Unhealthy children requiring observation. So, fill their time with touch console and hug so they feel comfortable and safe. Can also tell a story and take them for a walk around the house to take fresh air.

Clean the equipment, home and clothes

Even our homes typically looks clean, but not wrong if we checked and clean the dust. Mops the floor using hot water and detergent use antibacterial cleaners. Better if using environmentally friendly and no chemicals.

Good air flow

Make sure every morning, open the doors and windows so that the air flow can flow very well.

Pat percussion

Patting front and back parts of the body, using curved hand sites. Pat is meant to facilitate the production of phlegm. (be careful when clap especially when applied to babies)

Steam with garlic and olive oil


1. Two cloves garlic baked with skin, then disintegrate a little in basins. Add a little olive oil and hot water.

2. Hold your child with his face turn to the basins. Close his head with a thin napkin. Steam just now goes in the cavity of the subsidiary. Then pat the back of the child such as percussion techniques. This technique will hopefully relieve and launch their breath. Cough and flu will decrease.

Care mom meals

Mothers who breast-fed baby, should take care of the nutrition. The mother can eat soup with exalted garlic in the soup in question. Mom can also take supplements that are appropriate for the mother is breastfeeding.
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