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Vaccines Strengthen The Immune System.

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mytontolou.com - Vaccination of infants that soil in Malaysia already introduced since 40 years ago. However, the introduction to a particular vaccine is gradually until the end of the 1980s, where most of the vaccines were introduced to given to newborns.

Vaccination is to certain germs harmful infections which can affect and death. It's not to protect all types of germs in the world.

When injected into the human body, vaccines will stimulate the immune system that produces antibodies or immune system strong to resist germs.

It is specialized to resist infection germs and has nothing to do with communicable disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and others.

Similarly, infection of Diphteria, which is an infection caused by the Corynebacterium Diphteriae bacterium. The purpose of this vaccine is given because the infection can be fatal, especially if the infect infants under five years. Mortality rates are high. On the other hand saw immunisation to protect more than 90 percent.

These germs infect patients through air drops, such as coughing and sneezing or through touch goods by carriers or other patients.

Carrier means individuals with germs on their body but has no symptoms. This is because carriers have immune system after injection of vaccines.

When entering the air cavity, this vaccine will multiply in the respiratory tract, especially of mouth cavity. Usually the symptoms just started after two to five days being infected. The patient will experience fever, there are times to shiver followed by sore throat.

For babies, it is illustrated with the patient refused to eat or drink. They also failed to swallow saliva cause saliva drip out of the mouth. Diphteria bacterium that stick to the throat would form a layer of white-grey cause pain.

This layer is also at times can cause respiratory tract resulting in patients suffering from clogged past shortness of breath and blue. In addition, these germs can cause glands in the neck swell in turn disrupt the Airways.

After successfully breeding in the mouth cavity, toxins released by the bacteria will enter the blood vessels next go to other body organs.

Unwanted complications such as heart problems, kidney failure and nerve infection can occur. This nerve infection can cause paralysis while kidney and heart problems can result in death.

Therefore, with the understanding of the effects of these bacteria, immunisation programmes introduced by the Government to prevent infection have been introduced since 40 years ago.

After the introduction of the vaccination programme, the rate of appearance of reported cases down sharply. This directly reduces the rate of death from this dangerous bacterial infection.

Parents should understand the purpose and type of vaccine immunization programme introduced in the Ministry of health. It specially for certain dangerous infections that can cause death and mutilated remains undesirable.

As parents, we should be protecting children because they are our responsibility because the baby cannot make decisions on behalf of their own.
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