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Chronic Schizophrenia ~ Does Not Know The Reality Of Life.

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mytontolou.com - Schizophrenia is a chronic diseases resulting from the failure of brain function.

Patients of schizophrenia usually hear the voice not heard others or believe others are dominated their thoughts or hurt them. Compared to normal human, patients of schizophrenia talking thing makes no sense.

Quiescent patient or too much talking and looks normal until when they speak on something that does not make sense.

The word schizophrenia existed hundreds of years ago. However, the disease first discovered and known as mental illness detected by Dr. Emile Kraepelin in 1887. Have the writing say schizophrenia detected since Pharaoh again before AD.

Sufferers are faced with at least two criteria symptoms i.e. positive symptoms like delusional and hallucination.

Patients also experience negative symptoms such as depression, isolation and uncontrolled emotions other than speech and irregular behavior.

Sufferer will also behave strangely, like talking to one, laughing or sudden angry without cause.

Many patients slow schizophrenia treatment because the family was not aware of the change in behavior caused to patients and the most common situations.

Patients will normally be brought medicated traditionally and believe is possessed of fine creature. Such a notion of cause is not a treatment carried out and they continue to be left until the situation is not under control.

Actually schizophrenia can be cured on condition it treated immediately. If any descendants or family history get more inspection immediately.

Mental patients of schizophrenia can be likened to live in their own world. They no longer know the reality of life.

Not only patients who are miserable, even all members of the family, especially the father and mother, also aid and unable to sleep comfortably because their child behaviour.

Plays often attacking the young and there are significant differences regarding the rate of occurrence of the disease in women or men.

What is the signs of schizophrenia?

Signs or symptom disease schizophrenia are many and complex. The signs of this disease can be divided into several important signs:

Positive sign


Psychosis is an important symptom of schizophrenia. Patients who get Psychosis can experience delusional or hallucination. Delusional is the superstition that you trust with very strong by the patient even disputed or doubted by others. Superstition is not in line with the culture, religion, society, social conditions around and knowledge is with the patient. There are many types of delusional.

For example:

- Paranoid delusional: believe that there is another person, group or organization that attempts to mistreat, injure, harm or kill the patient. For example; believe that the salaries have inserted the poison into food or believe employers and people upon install traps to degrading the patient and threatening the position of the position of the patient.

- A control delusional: believe that acts, needs and feelings become passive and only controlled by power from outside without the need of yourself. For example; the patient's hand to punch someone because forced by another power without control and will of his own, feel the beings have entered into the body and forced to kill children.

- Bizarre delusion: strong believing something strange. For example; believe that the angels have come to attack Earth and the devil will come attack did the Earth after the death of genie.

- Grandiose delusion: believe that itself has its own advantages beyond the others in this world. For example; believe that he is a Prophet in order to save the world, believes himself to be able to communicate with God, believing that he can create a vehicle to get to the moon with the blink of an eye, believes that himself King rule and more.

- Nihilistic delusion: believe that yourself or a part of the body is no longer exists or believe the world is no longer exists. For example believe blood not flow again in his body.

- Delusion of reference; Believe that other people around talking about himself. For example; believes that the neighbors chatting about himself, believes that televised story about it.

Negative sign

Negative symptoms of schizophrenia usually involves the functions and activities of patients affected. Those who have this sign being so lazy, don't want to speak, no motivation, did not want to move or make the work even includes just don't have feelings.

- Alogia (a-loj-ee-a) and poverty of speech: talking to some extent, the speech does not have content and important things and take a long time to connect words and spoken verse.

- Flattening or blunting of affect: too less facial expression. They do not smile when happy or sad crying. They have no emotional relationship with people who talk to her, as you talk to the robot.

- Avolition and anhedonia: lose interest and energy to do the things they do.

Emotional disturbance

Schizophrenia patients can also get depression. The history of the disease should be accurate to get the diagnosis right.

The emotional schizophrenia patients can also be garbled and not in line with what they think (the affect is not congruent to the thought). For example: the patient's Mind filled with sadness but he sings joy.

Suicide rates of schizophrenia patients is high (10 per cent). It can happen as they have extreme depression and the psychosis them to suicide.

Cognitive disorders

Patients can get cognitive disorder of schizophrenia that causes them to have a lower IQ. They could not decide well, lack of concentration and memory of bad times.
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